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2023 Australian Science Olympiad Exams- Junior Science


Australian Science Olympiads are annual exams which are designed to enhance the learning of secondary students. 

The Science Olympiads give students the chance to challenge and extend themselves in science and gain recognition for their efforts. Participants will receive a certificate with their grade. They are also eligible for enrichment and residential programs, based on performance.  

The ultimate goal of the Australian Science Olympiads is to select the team to represent Australia at the International Science Olympiads.

Why Participate in the Science Olympiads?

Benefits of participating include: 

  • Invaluable experience solving scientific problems and learning how science is used beyond the classroom.

  • Enhance applications for scholarships and research programs. 

  • Enables students to make informed decisions about university courses and future careers.

  • Provides opportunities to network and make like-minded friends. 

  • Offers chances for national and international travel. 


Compatibility exists with most tablet devices, but some of them have not been verified as fully supported, so we recommend using a laptop, desktop PC or Chromebook.

Groups:                        Y7-Y10

Date of Competition:       Years 9 &10 --- 14 June 2023 (Wednesday) 16:30-18:30

                                        Years 7 &8 --- 16 June 2023 (Friday) 16:30-18:30

Address:                          104/398 Victoria Ave Chatswood

Registration Fee:             AU$32

Deadline of Registration: 05/06/2023 

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