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Congratulations to our MO team shinning in the WMI 2019
祝贺我们的MO团队在WMI 2019中大放异彩

GEA Chatswood Academy


The 7th World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) was held in Fukuoka, Japan in July this year. Including Smart Dragon as the Australian team, nearly 1,200 students from 18 countries competed for various awards from Kindy to Y11 in this competition.
Our GEA sent a total of 35 students, mainly in grades 3, 5, 7, and 8 to participate in the finals. In the end, the students dared to fight for the first time in the competition, and achieved brilliant results through hard work! Among them, W.D students won the platinum medal (top 3%), another 8 students won the gold medal (top 4-15%), 9 students won the silver medal in the finals (top 16-40%), and another 13 students Won the bronze medal (top 41-70%).
​Especially A.W students played well, won the overall championship of the 7th grade group, won the "the Star of the World" award, and won the honor for Australia for the whole team! I hope that more students can work hard to improve, surpass themselves, and continue to climb new heights! !
第7届世界数学邀请赛(WMI) 今年7月在日本福冈举行。包括GEA 作为澳大利亚代表队,本次大赛共有18个国家近1200名学生角逐 Kindy 至 Y11 的各个奖项。
我们GEA派出了3,5,7,8年级为主的共计35名学生参加决赛。最终同学们在首次参赛的情况下,敢打敢拚,通过艰苦努力取得辉煌战绩!其中W. D 同学荣获白金奖牌(top 3%), 另有8名同学拚得金牌(top 4-15%), 9名同学荣获总决赛银牌(top 16-40%), 另有13名同学获得铜牌(top 41-70%)。
​特别是A.W同学发挥出色,力夺7年级组全场总冠军,捧得"the Star of the World " 大奖,为澳洲为全队争得了殊荣!希望更多的同学能努力进步,超越自我,不断攀登新的高峰!!

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