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GEA (previously Smart Dragon) Shines at 4th MIMO

GEA Chatswood Academy


Congratulations to our math olympiad teams, who shone in the 4th MIMO in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. The MIMO consisted of more than 1180 middle and upper primary pupils from 11 countries and regions, including China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. They have two level of contests - middle primary and upper primary, as well as individual and team contests in each level.

Our MO teams, made up of 14 smart and diligent students, achieved 3 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals, and they also bagged the MP Team Champion and UP Team 2nd Runners-Up awards. Our overall performance was among the best of the countries that competed.

Gold Medal winners:
Dean Hua Luke Yang Joshua Yao

Silver Medal winners:
Alex Wang Brandon Chien Jacky Zhang Ziyue Cui Joshua Li

Bronze Medal winners:
Leah Toeh Harshan Somerhwar Alex. Lin
Anna Cui Amy Yi Jennifer Lee

Also our MP team by Ziyue Cui, Joshua Yao and Joshua Li won team champion.
And our Up team by Alex Wang, Brandon Chien, Jacky Zhang, and Lean Teoh won 2nd Runner-up.

​Congratulations to the these medal winners:

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