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Our Australian team bag 33 medals from the 13th IMC in Singapore

GEA Chatswood Academy


Our Australian team of 45 students have snatched 33 medals at the 13th International Mathematics Contest (IMC) in Singapore last week 5-6 Aug, returning home with five gold, 9 silver and 19 bronze medals.

1179 contestants from 11 countries and regions including our Australia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Iran, South Korea and the Philippines participated in this year’s IMC.

Organised by the International Mathematics Contest Union (IMC Union) that is comprised of those who are passionate about making mathematics popular among youths across the world under the vision “Science has no Borders”, the IMC sets up 8 levels of individual contests for Y3 to Y10.

The union aims to boost an interest in maths among young people and encourage them into sharing their knowledge and making new friends through these maths contests.

Our Australian winners of gold, silver and bronze medals are :

Gold Medals:
Joshua Yao Alexander Wang Yuchen Jin Edwin She Sriram Badrinarayanan

Silver Medals:
Gabriel Song Tyson Lieu Alicia Ge Lucinda Zheng Kevin Hao
Serena Li Jordan Huang Jeffrey Li Joe Zhou

Bronze Medals:
Joshua Li Amber Li Alvin Lin Rhianna Li Acelin Fan
Luke Yang Dean Hua Austin Song Yixuan Yang David Guo
Ellis Zheng Leah Teoh Johnson Tang Yvonne Lu Chenny Lee
Evan Xu Jiyuan Zuo Andy Huang Stephenie Ouyang

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