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Students shining in the 6th MIMO

GEA Chatswood Academy


The 6th Malaysia International Mathematical Olympiad recently came to a successful conclusion. Our GEA (previously Smart Dragon) Olympic Mathematics team played as Australia and shined.

This competition gathered 1317 primary school students from grade three to grade six from 10 countries and regions. Among them, our MO team is composed of 16 Y4 students, participating in the individual and team competitions of the middle grade elementary school group.

According to the rules, 10% of gold medals, 20% of silver medals, and 30% of bronze medals are set in the competition. Our 16 Y4 students finally won 4 golds, 5 silvers and 6 bronzes in the individual competition. In the middle primary team competition, the students worked hard and won the second place in the middle primary team. It was one of only two overseas Olympic math teams that won the team award.

Our team runner-up was picked by the B. Cao + E. Yang + S. Gao + J. Wan team.

List of gold medal winners: E. Yang; S. Guo; S. Meng; E. huang

List of silver medal winners: B. Cao; T. Song; A. Yu; J. Woo; S. Fu

List of bronze medal winners: J. Wang; J. Lu; C. Jin; A. Huyang; Z. Shen; R. Zhuge

Congratulations to the students for their excellent results.

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