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Welcome to GEA

Galaxy Education Alliance (GEA) is a 360 degree learning and education organization. The organization was originated from “Smart Dragon Academy Chatswood”, an education center founded in 2011 with enviable success. With bigger vision and innovative bearings in mind the company decided to start it new chapter. Led by Principal of Smart Dragon Academy, a renowned and well regarded educational expert, Mr. Luke Li, GEA strives to bring omnibearing learning experience to its students.

At GEA, we promote multi-dimensional and directional learning and studies. Not only we teach our students on how to face their academic challenges, but also we develop our students on their problem solving capability, their creative thinking, their analytical mind, the skills that all children need to tackle the world in real life.

As famously said by Malcolm X “Education is the passport to the future”, GEA helps our student bring out their best self, and prepare them for the passport to the Galaxy of their life.

Come, join us, join all other students with like mind. GALAXY the world, GALAXY your future!

About Us

GEA (previously Smart Dragon Academy) is a coaching Academy for students from Year 1 - Year 11. We are dedicated to bringing out the best in children and nurturing their talent, helping them achieve their study goals and encouraging them to embrace learning opportunities. We guide students in the right direction towards the G&T (Gifted and Talented) class, OC Class test, the Selective Schools Test, Scholarship tests, ICAS, NAPLAN, various mathematical problem-solving competitions such as the AMC, CAT, AIMO and APSMO, and International Maths competitions such as WMTC, WMI, MIMO and APMOPS,  as well as developing interview and writing skills.

We believe "Smarter Kids, Brighter Future”. Having access to quality education we produce here at GEA is going to provide students  with a brighter future – after all, knowledge is power, and education is the gateway to success. Our teaching expertise has led to many student successes over the duration of our academic years, with the help of the exceptional dedication of our teaching staff. Some of these student achievements in exams and competitions in recent years include:

* Our students receives 27, 31 and 24 scholarship offers from private schools during last 3 years;
*  Nearly 90% of our 2019, 2018, 2017 Selective High School Placement test students were offered  a place at their Number 1 school of preference; among them, over 40% of students were offered a place into James Ruse.

* In recent years,  we have maintained an OC acceptance rate of over 75%, with all students offered their schools of preference. Every year, we have about 30% sutdents obtained over 250 total scores.

*  In 2017, our student achieved the No.1 score in the whole of NSW. And in 2018 one of our student got his exam score 69 over 70, and it was one of the top scores in NSW.

*  Every year, we successfully help Y2 students enter the renowned G&T program
*  From 2014 to 2021, every year, our students achieved many Prizes (in Top 0.3%), dozens of High Distinction (in Top 2%) and Distinction (in Top 15%). 
*  In recent years, we attent WMTC (China),WMI (Japan), MIMO (Malaysia),   APMOPS (Singapore), our students schieved huge amount of gold, silver and bronze medals, also won team champions in various levels.

​      For more information regarding student achievements, please view the NEWS 

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