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General Enrollment:

Pay for one term: full price

Pay for 2 terms: 5% discount

Pay for 3 terms: 10% discount

Pay for 4 terms: 15% discount

​unless defined otherwise for each term.

  1. For bank transfer payment, please input Student name+Year number+Course code (eg. JohnSY6Mj) in payment reference field and send back receipt by either email or SMS. See contact details

  2. Early bird discount only applies to full payment.

  3. Partial booking students will be in reserve list, which may be contacted after early bird deadline if any spot available.

Scholarship Applies

2021 Term 3 Programs:

​Enrollment of term 3 starts from 3rd June, 2021

Become member

How to become a member of GEA website?

To become a member of GEA website, you can either

sign up in website, or

sign up in Spaces by Wix mobile app by clicking

If you already got the app, use the invite code: BNUYTV

Either way you'll get access to both website and Spaces by Wix member's mobile app.

You DO NOT have to sign up in both.

Both website and Spaces by Wix mobile app will provide you:

  • Home: Announcements or news you’ve posted, send message to website admin, view contact details, etc.

  • Services: Book appointments or classes.

  • Events: RSVP to events.

  • Blog: Read or comment on blog posts.

  • Forum: Start or join a discussion with other members.

  • Pricing: Purchase a plan or subscription.

  • Groups: Request to join a group and engage with other group members.

sign up in website

How to log in GEA website either by desktop or mobile?

sign up in Spaces by Wix

How to log in Spaces by Wix mobile app?

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