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Congratulations to our APMOPS winners

GEA Chatswood Academy


Congratulations to all our winners in the 1st round of the APMOPS 2018 (Asia-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad for Primary School). Our students achieved excellent results in the Australian Zone.

Our student A.Wang won the Platinum Award, and will be one of the two students who qualified to represent Australia in Singapore for the final round of the competition.

We also have 2 gold award winners, 2 silver award winners and 3 bronze award winners. Our winners occupy more than 30% of the Australian winners list. ​

Our winners are:

A.Wang Platinum Award
J.Zhang Gold Award
T.Lieu Gold Award
L.Yang Silver Award
D.Guo Silver Award
R.Lo Bronze Award
J.Huang Bronze Award
J.Tang Bronze Award

Congratulations again to them for their excellent performances.

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