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Congratulations to our IMC 2018 winners

GEA Chatswood Academy


Our Australian team of 19 bright students have snatched 14 medals at the 14th International Mathematics Contest (IMC) in Singapore 28 Jul - 29 Jul, 2018, returning home with 3 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals.

1250 contestants from 15 countries and regions including our Australia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Iran, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Singapore and the Philippines participated in this year’s IMC.

Our Australian winners of gold, silver and bronze medals are :

Gold Medals:
Alan Chen Even Yang Sophie Meng

Silver Medals:
Cindy Shen Cindy Jin Dean Hua Sydney Bao

Bronze Medals:
Annabel Li Daniel Wang Sophie Guo Yixuan Yang
Luke Yang Joshua Chu Acelin Fan

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