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Congratulations to our scholarship winners

GEA Chatswood Academy


Congratulations to all our students who have been awarded prestigious
scholarship offers in 2018.
In this year, a total of 29 offers from the following private schools were achieved
by our students:

SHORE School R.L. M.K. K.H.
Scots College J.W. R.L.
Sydney Grammar School R.L. K.H. O.H
Knox Grammar School J.H. J.M. K.H. M.K.
Pymble Ladies College C.S. A.G. C.F.
The Kings School J.T. O.H. T. Z.
Barker College L.C. D.G. M.K.
Roseville College L.T.
Ravenswood School for Girls L.T.
Queenwood P.J. E.T. L.T.
St Luke's College J.L.
Brigidine College C.F.
Tara Anglican School for Girls C.F.

We are so proud of all the hard work our students have invested into their learning, and it has all paid off ! We wish these students all the best in their future learning endeavours!

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