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Booking Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that all the information recorded above is collected by Galaxy Education Alliance ('GEA') for management purposes and will be kept strictly confidential.

  2. I understand this Registration/ Enrollment Form ('the form ') is for administrative purposes and does not mean my child will be automatically enrolled in the programs I record above.

  3. When I confirm to enrolling in a program now or later, this form will be treated as the enrollment form, and the following conditions will be applicable:

   (1) By signing this form, I consent to my child taking part in the enrolled programs provided by Galaxy Education Alliance. I also consent to my child to view or listen to multi-media for educational purposes and I understand that all material would be pre-listened or previewed by GEA to check its suitability.

   (2) By signing this form, I agree for my child to be photographed or videotaped. I understand that the image may be displayed  in GEA  publications, marketing materials or website. I understand that as a precaution my child's full name will NOT be published or linked with photographs without permission from me. 

   (3) When a term is finished, my enrolled child/children will be automatically enrolled in the same class to continue studying in the next term unless a new decision is made by GEA and I.

   (4) I understand that my child's/children's enrollment(s) are subject to this form and the program timetable with its conditions.

   (5) I understand that the payment for a program/program(s) is/are NOT refundable. If applicable, part or all of the tuition fee can be kept as credit for my child's or my children's future study at GEA for up to 2 years after the enrollment.

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