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2023 Hwa Chong Info-communications Challenge 


The aim of the HCIC is to generate greater interest in the field of info-communications among students in primary schools. HCIC is also an excellent opportunity for the youth to identify and explore their talent in programming, coding, and robotics, and to develop important skills such as computational thinking and analytical thinking.

The focus of the competition: Programming logic, Python programming language, robotics knowledge.

All participants must have their own mobile devices/laptop/desktop with internet connection (via School Wi-Fi or mobile network).

Competition Comprises

* Section 1  (15 Questions)      

      MCQ   15 marks

* Section 2  (2 Questions)        

      Coding/Programming knowledge      


Language: Python

Students are awarded locally by participating organizations: 

Platinum award; Gold award; Silver award; Bronze award; Participation 

*All platinum award winners will also receive $50 prize money.

Announcement of Winners:

All participants will receive an e-certificate.

The results of the HCIC will be posted on the website within 1 month after e-HCIC is administered.


Groups:                         Primary Y5-Y6;

Date of Competition:       18th May 2023 (Thursday) 16:30-17:30

Address:                          ACAC 104-105/398 Victoria Ave Chatswood

Registration Fee:             AU$30

Deadline of Registration: 25/03/2023 (Saturday)

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