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GEA Chatswood Academy


On the 26th November, our four math olympiad teams (16 students) represented Australia for the first time in the Malaysia International Mathematical Olympiad (MIMO). The MIMO is a prestigious international math olympiad for Asian countries that sees the best young mathematical minds from around the world compete against each other.

Competing against 8 other countries (all of which have compulsory math olympiad training within their respective curriculums, unlike Australia) we received 19 gold medals and 12 silver medals; congratulations everyone!

Our students managed to take out the Middle Primary Team Champion, 2 x Upper Primary Team First Runner Up, Middle Primary Team First Runner Up and Best Middle Primary Group Grand Champion — a special mention to A. Ge who was awarded the Middle Primary Overall High Performance award.
Congratulations to all our winners in AMC 2016! ​
Congratulations to all our winners in AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition) 2016.
Our students won 7 Prizes (top 0.3%), 41 High Distinction (top 2%) and 31 Distinction
(top 15%).
Some of our students will attend the Awards Presentation, and a couple of our excellent students are invited to attend the Enrichment Workshop by AMT.
Congratulations to all our winners in ICAS and APSMO 2016 ​
Congratulations to our students who achieved exceptional result in APSMO 2016:
E. Zheng
Both students achieved APSMO perfect scores.

Congratulations to our students who achieved excellent result in ICAS 2016:
A,GE ICAS Maths Medal;
V. GONG ICAS Maths Medal;
G. SONG ICAS Maths Medal;
R. CHEN ICAS Science Medal;
(uncompleted list)
Congratulations to our students in the OC​ 2016
Congratulations to all our students who achieved EXCEPTIONAL results in the 2016 OC class Placement Test. Our highest mark is 263 while the highest mark in NSW is 271.6; In total five of our students obtained 250 marks or above.
GEA would like to congratulate all our students on their successes. High success rate from our students has being proven effectiveness of our OC program. ​
Congratulations to our students in the Selective 2016
Congratulations to all our students who achieved EXCEPTIONAL results in the 2016 Selective School Placement Test. This year, we have had outstanding achievements; nearly 30% of our Y6 students received offers from James Ruse. GEA would like to congratulate all our students on their successes and encourage them to continue persevering and working towards their goals.

S. L James Ruse High
J. L James Ruse High
S. M James Ruse High
J. Z James Ruse High
A. K James Ruse High
K. K James Ruse High
A. Z James Ruse High
S. B James Ruse High
D. X North Sydney Boys
S. W North Sydney Boys
Y. H North Sydney Boys
S. O North Sydney Girls
L. Z North Sydney Girls
C. L North Sydney Girls
S. K North Sydney Girls
A. S North Sydney Girls
R. L Hornsby Girl High
P. W Northern Beaches
J. B Northern Beaches
V. X Northern Beaches
J. J Chatswood High
H. C Chatswood High

Congratulations to the APMOPS Winners
​Congratulations to all our winners in the 1st round APMOPS (Asia-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad for Primary School). Our students won excellent results in the Australian Zone. 1 student won the Platinum Award, and will be one of the two students who can represent Australia to go Singapore for the final round competition. Also we have 1 gold award winner, 1 silver award winner and 3 bronze award winner. Our winners occupy about 30% of the Australian winners list. ​
Congratulations to the CAT Winners
Congratulations to all our winners in the CAT (Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition. Our students won 1 perfect score, 8 High Distinction and 24 Distinction.
Newly launched Public Speaking Course
GEA is working with Sydney Speaking School, a successful organisation that focuses on communication skills, to launch a brand new Public Speaking course.

This fun, activity-based course aims to give primary school students a head start on speaking and speech-writing skills before they enter high school. We aim to lay strong speaking foundations by assisting students to develop a confident and engaging speaking manner, with classroom practice. By the end of the course, students will have learned to overcome their fears and lack of confidence, prepare for formal speaking situations, improve their social confidence in interactions and gained many essential skills for school and life beyond.

The Public Speaking Course will be on each Wednesday afternoon 4-6pm. The whole course will last for 9 weeks in Term 2.

Welcome enrollments ! Limited places available.

Welcome registrations for CAT and AMC 2016
Now CAT 2016 and AMC 2016 are open for new registration.
CAT (Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition) is an entry level competition organised by AMT for Y5 to Y12 students. The CAT is not a programming competition and no programming experience is required. This one-hour competition more focuses on problem-solving and seeks to identify computer programming potential. The competition will be held in out centre on 22 Mar afternoon.

AMC is from AMT(Australia Maths Trust). It isvery renowned maths Olympiad competition among primary and high schools. AMC will be heldonce at end of Jul.
​Please call us for more details and registration.

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